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Building Block Computers


BBC was founded in 1990 and has been providing our customers with top-quality new and refurbished DEC, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Sun, and SGI systems, peripherals, memory, third-party add-ons and customer solutions from the beginning.

Our Philosophy
Early on, BBC made a firm commitment to providing exceptional customer service, competitively priced products and expert advice to our growing list of customers. Over the years, we've found that genuinely honest efforts and dedication to our mission is the road to happy customers, longevity and success.

Our People
Our team is a diverse group of professional with several decades of experience in the DEC, Compaq, Sun, and Cisco arenas. Specifically, management at BBC has substantial operational experience in a variety of industries.

Also, our sales staff is separated into specialized areas. Each account executive offers the full spectrum of products with particular knowledge of individual manufacturers/products. Your sales consultant works with the other account execs for all of the specific information your project may need. Low turnover has provided BBC with a solid, cohesive team that integrates seamlessly behind the scenes.

BBC is the leading Dec Legacy supplier for all your maintenance needs. With our large inventory, we can help you keep Dec Legacy equipment up and running.

Our Vision & Mission
BBC will continue to provide customers with industry-leading service, exceptional product knowledge and understanding of the business environment, wide product selections and competitive prices. All of this will be accomplished with a team-based, responsive approach and a firm commitment to our strategic plan.

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